PB G3 Video (for the developers)

Dean Takemori dean at uhheph.phys.hawaii.edu
Wed Mar 24 12:06:11 EST 1999

On 16 Mar 1999, abew wrote:

>OK, sorry... I haven't dealt much with diffs.  Here is a
>'diff -u ORIG NEW' from the top of the linux source tree:
>Oh, and I totally understand that time is short for many of us right now;
>obviously this isn't too urgent.  It really would be nice if eventually
>all PB G3 users could take advantage of their video hardware in Linux,
>though.  Anyways, here ya go:


The rest of the post can be found at:

For what it's worth, I hand patched a 2.2.4 kernel with the 
included patch, and got atyfb to work on my PB G3 series.
Finally.  I can actually scroll in nedit in real time now.

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