Apple Open Source: the drivers

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Thu Mar 18 02:25:18 EST 1999

Ok, I finally found where the driver are hidden: In the kernel archive,
in bsd/dev/ppc. They are mostly objective C drivers. Among other things,
there are drivers for the PowerMac ATA with apparently all the timing
stuffs, and for the CMD646 controller in the blue G3.

There's a PMU driver with apparently up-to-date command length tables and
lots of comments about the commands ;-) An interesting thing that I've
not seen in the LinuxPPC driver: When sending read commands to
non-existing devices, the PMU may never answer, and so there's need for
some kind of timeout. I didn't find infos about putting the PowerBook to
sleep, maybe MacOS X Server cannot sleep...

Finally, the MESH driver is a piece of anthology, but I'll let interested
people discover it by themselves ;-)

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