Apple Open Source: the drivers

sean o'malley somalley at
Thu Mar 18 04:50:32 EST 1999

>There's a PMU driver with apparently up-to-date command length tables and
>lots of comments about the commands ;-) An interesting thing that I've
>not seen in the LinuxPPC driver: When sending read commands to
>non-existing devices, the PMU may never answer, and so there's need for
>some kind of timeout. I didn't find infos about putting the PowerBook to
>sleep, maybe MacOS X Server cannot sleep...

Hey maybe we will get the b/w g-3's (yMacs) running yet..

Macos X Server doesnt have any sleep code.. it wasnt written for that..
you also wont see _much_ USB (keyboard and mouse) support and it is still
lacking Firewire support from everything i have read.

Powerbooks arent supported at all..
Which makes me wonder why... Apple was giving major discounts to developers
on those things. unless they just wanted to give out information and
support linuxppc..

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