Where do we go from here?

harry eaton haceaton at aplcomm.jhuapl.edu
Wed Mar 17 09:38:22 EST 1999

L. S. wrote:

> With Apple Computers coming into the arena of Linux(PPC) territory, and since
> LinuxPPC is playing on Apple's territory, and since Power Macintoshes--unlike
> IBM compatibles--are closed systems, what will happen when Apple changes
> hardware architectures to a degree that the specifications for Apple hardware
> are out of reach for LinuxPPC developers or reverse-enginneered so late that
> Apple is miles ahead with their Mach/BSD/Mac OS?

Well lets see.  That was the position we were in prior to today, and I don't
think Apple is exactly miles ahead.  Ahead yes, but not by miles.  Today Steve
Jobs broke down and actually revealed some hardware info (or near as I can tell,
there's new revelations there).  I'm talking here about:
http://www.publicsource.apple.com/   Get it while it lasts (I'm not talking about
using this code, just looking at it for register bit definitions etc.).  Hurry
hurry, before Apple does one of its famous reversals.
The good stuff seems to mostly be in the file with the link name "kernel".


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