Where do we go from here?

Cort Dougan cort at ppc.kernel.org
Wed Mar 17 08:31:29 EST 1999

Apple is moving to more "open" standards, actually.  Things should get
easier not more difficult.  With sheepshaver Apple views LinuxPPC as
another platform to run their software - not a competitor right now.

> With Apple Computers coming into the arena of Linux(PPC) territory, and since 
> LinuxPPC is playing on Apple's territory, and since Power Macintoshes--unlike 
> IBM compatibles--are closed systems, what will happen when Apple changes 
> hardware architectures to a degree that the specifications for Apple hardware 
> are out of reach for LinuxPPC developers or reverse-enginneered so late that 
> Apple is miles ahead with their Mach/BSD/Mac OS?
> See: Anyone can step on Micromaggot's foot, but Apple owns their own 
> architecture.

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