Where do we go from here?

Hollis R Blanchard hollis+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Mar 17 08:27:36 EST 1999

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, L. S. wrote:
> With Apple Computers coming into the arena of Linux(PPC) territory, and
> since LinuxPPC is playing on Apple's territory, and since Power
> Macintoshes--unlike IBM compatibles--are closed systems, what will happen
> when Apple changes hardware architectures to a degree that the
> specifications for Apple hardware are out of reach for LinuxPPC developers
> or reverse-enginneered so late that Apple is miles ahead with their
> Mach/BSD/Mac OS?  See: Anyone can step on Micromaggot's foot, but Apple owns
> their own architecture.

You know, I'm not one for flowery poetic stuff, so I'd just like to remind you
that LinuxPPC was created without Apple's help, and since then Apple *has*
changed their designs more than once. Like the iMac, for example - USB wasn't
included for LinuxPPC developer's convenience. And the Blue & White G3's,
which are currently too recent to work with LinuxPPC yet.

But you get that anywhere - even in the Intel world, the most well-supported
hardware are the old standby's, like the Matrox Millenium. Most hardware
vendors aren't too helpful with their specs, although more of them are being
helpful these days. But the latest technologies are always slower to be
supported in Linux, because the proprietary vendors develop develop develop,
then release, and it's only after that release that Linux hackers can start
their work.

> (I'm a long-time Apple user who maintained, configured, was in charge of an
> L. A. school Macintosh lab and AppleTalk network and also am studying Comp.
> Sci. Working closely with Macs and trying to get them to bend over backwards
> to act like secure, multi-user, network workstations made me sick.  I also
> refused to learn ancient and doomed Macintosh APIs and needed a more
> challenging user experience. So, while waiting for years of promised, new
> OSes-of-the-month from Apple, I found MkLinux, first, then LinuxPPC. So, I'm
> slowly replacing Mac apps with LinuxPPC and its apps while starting to
> develop for LinuxPPC. That's why I ask. Pow!)

Right. Linux rocks, etc. The Mac OS, while it *can* be used as a web server,
mail server, etc, wasn't made for that. The Mac OS is very pretty and
polished, but Linux has the power you need for a server.

Don't listen to the "news analysts" telling you Open Source is about to
disappear forever. They've been saying that about Apple for a decade and a
half now...


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