Where do we go from here?

L. S. lxcom at operamail.com
Wed Mar 17 06:33:00 EST 1999

With Apple Computers coming into the arena of Linux(PPC) territory, and since 
LinuxPPC is playing on Apple's territory, and since Power Macintoshes--unlike 
IBM compatibles--are closed systems, what will happen when Apple changes 
hardware architectures to a degree that the specifications for Apple hardware 
are out of reach for LinuxPPC developers or reverse-enginneered so late that 
Apple is miles ahead with their Mach/BSD/Mac OS?
See: Anyone can step on Micromaggot's foot, but Apple owns their own 

(I'm a long-time Apple user who maintained, configured, was in charge of an L. 
A. school Macintosh lab and AppleTalk network and also am studying Comp. Sci. 
Working closely with Macs and trying to get them to bend over backwards to act 
like secure, multi-user, network workstations made me sick. I also refused to 
learn ancient and doomed Macintosh APIs and needed a more challenging user 
experience. So, while waiting for years of promised, new OSes-of-the-month 
from Apple, I found MkLinux, first, then LinuxPPC. So, I'm slowly replacing 
Mac apps with LinuxPPC and its apps while starting to develop for LinuxPPC. 
That's why I ask. Pow!)

L. S.

:-| :-) ;-) :-)

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