ADB Reset

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Wed Mar 10 23:19:08 EST 1999

On Wed, Mar 10, 1999, Hubert Figuiere <hub at> wrote:

>I could reset the adb bus with adb_reset_bus(), but it did
>nothing in my case. Mouse was still SLOW, etc.
>I called adb_scan_bus() instead. But this happen to not work and
>make my mouse no longer be recognized.
>Any idea on what to do ?

After the bus reset, the mouse must be re-initialised to handler 4. In
fact, the whole device probing and init must be redone (mac_keyb.c). I'm
working on a simple design that allow ADB peripherial drivers to register
to the ADB core in order to be notified of bus resets. Stay tuned.

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