ADB Reset

Hubert Figuiere hub at
Thu Mar 11 03:40:09 EST 1999

According to Benjamin Herrenschmidt <bh40 at>:

> After the bus reset, the mouse must be re-initialised to handler 4. In
> fact, the whole device probing and init must be redone (mac_keyb.c). I'm
> working on a simple design that allow ADB peripherial drivers to register
> to the ADB core in order to be notified of bus resets. Stay tuned.

That would be cool if we can get the "adb_mouse_kinds" array (or
at least the current mouse kind) within the adbmouse.c driver.
This would allow to make the driver works at the right speed with
Kensington mice....
I have made such patch that seems to be on the right way (I could
not validate it completely).

BTW, while I'm at it, it looks like extended ADB protocol provide
"high bits" for dx and dy, but they seems to be unused in
adbmouse.c. Any ideas for this ?

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