ADB Reset

Hubert Figuiere hub at
Wed Mar 10 22:36:39 EST 1999

According to Benjamin Herrenschmidt <bh40 at>:

> >Can anybody tell me how to reset the ADB bus. Just because when I
> >snooze the PowerBook, the mouse become really slow....
> >
> >How can I ask to redect all the ADB peripherals. I want to be able
> >to plug and unplug my kensington mouse.
> >
> >The goal is to make a small set of utilities for this :-)
> For the reset on snooze, the adb.c code should register a sleep queue
> element to be notified of snooze, and do a reset from it. (For infos
> about sleep notifications, look at other drivers like the chipsfb).
> The reset is currently done thru a function pointer filled by the
> low-level driver (be careful, it could be NULL). You should find it by
> looking at adb.c code.
> As far as plug/unplug is concerned, this could be done by adding a ioctl
> to the ADB driver.

I could reset the adb bus with adb_reset_bus(), but it did
nothing in my case. Mouse was still SLOW, etc.
I called adb_scan_bus() instead. But this happen to not work and
make my mouse no longer be recognized.

Any idea on what to do ?

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