SAP R/3 under LinuxPPC!!!

Christen Andreas Andreas.Christen at
Wed Mar 3 17:25:32 EST 1999

We are thinking of running SAP R/3 Applicationservers under Linux in the
near future. As a user of LinuxPPC I will, if possible, try to convince
management to buy Macs instead of Intels as performance will be higher. So
does anyone know or has already tried out a SAP-Kit for Linux? Or any ftp
site where I could grab a beta-version? What about Oracle 8.x for Linux,
does this work under LinuxPPC?? Where can I find this? I know SAP is under
construction and will be available in the 3rd quarter..but I'm afraid maybe
only for Intels.
Any news or commentary is very much appreciated!

Thanks, Andreas 

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