strdup and pre-R5

Batmensch hcaley at
Wed Mar 3 04:22:22 EST 1999

Thank you for the feedback.  I don't really have any development would you pass these options ?


On 02-Mar-99 Franz Sirl wrote:
> At 04:29 02.03.99 , Batmensch wrote:
>>I'm having a problem building OpenLdap 1.2 on a pre-R5 installation; the
>>seems to be with strdup(); the make complains :
>>"In file included from args.c:22:
>>../../include/ac/string.h:49 macro `strdup' using without args"
>>I've been able to build it without error on both LinuxPPC 4 and Linux X86.
>>Also the build of 1.0.2 that is included with the R5 distribution seems to 
>>Anything i can do about this?
> This is a common problem with glibc-2.1, the str... functions are macros 
> and so some silly sources break on "extern str...()" declarations.
> Possible solutions:
> - correct source
> - compile with -D__NO_STRING_INLINES
> - compile with -Os
> Franz.

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Date: 02-Mar-99
Time: 12:20:50

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