[Q] PowerStack installimage

Kazunori Aoshima aoshimak at mail.cc.tohoku.ac.jp
Sun Jun 27 04:14:30 EST 1999


Now I make kernel and bootimages for R5.
I compiled kernel-2.2.1 with prep_fb.patch, and 
I would like to add zImage to "Linux1999installer.bin" as a 

I make installer without fb_patch, error occurs when booting visual 
installer, with framebuffer errors. 
But, with fb_patch, another error, likes "ramdisk is not proper image",
occurs when change from zImage to visual installer.

I have to change libraries or compilers? 
Or I should use more newer kernels? If so, how to patch framebuffers?

I would so appreciate if you take me some ideas.

I use these sources:
 Linux1999.installer.bin (Rename to "ramdisk.image.gz")

PowerStack MT
LinuxPPC R4 pure install environment.

Kaz Aoshima = PReP station
Material deveropment, Faculty of engineering, 
Tohoku University, Japan
E-mail:aoshimak at mail.cc.tohoku.ac.jp
#I am appreciate if you could tell me suggestions
 for my bad English expressions.

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