[Q] PowerStack installimage

Takashi Oe toe at unlserve.unl.edu
Sun Jun 27 05:22:18 EST 1999

On Sun, 27 Jun 1999, Kazunori Aoshima wrote:

> Hi.
> Now I make kernel and bootimages for R5.
> I compiled kernel-2.2.1 with prep_fb.patch, and 
> I would like to add zImage to "Linux1999installer.bin" as a 
> "ramdisk.image.gz".

I don't think "Linux1999installer.bin" is a gzipped file.  It is probably
a MacBinary file which contains BootX and such for Mac OS based install.

There is an image file for prep:

If you need to boot via floppy disks for installation, you can perhaps try
the ramdisk.image.gz at ftp://ppc.linux.or.jp/pub/users/toe/install-R5/.
I made this RAM disk because it was very hard to fit both the kernel image
and installer binaries into a single floppy disk.  To use this, put the
ramdisk.image.gz into arch/ppc/boot/ directory in the kernel source tree,
and try "make zImage.initrd" to create a bootable file.  The README file
at the install-R5 directory might help somehow.

Takashi Oe

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