rsync kernel compile fails

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Thu Jun 3 15:58:31 EST 1999

Brad Midgley <brad at> wrote:

> is the rsync kernel supposed to be working? i haven't changed my config
> but it fails to compile:

Well, the first problem is that drivers/Makefile goes into the usb
subdirectory for CONFIG_USB rather than the uusbd subdirectory.  Also
that tree doesn't have the multi-keyboard patch (and it won't apply

I have a 2.3.4 kernel working but without USB.  I plan to work on
getting the new USB stuff working on the iMac soon.  But in the
meantime maybe I need to get a recent 2.2.x kernel working with the
old UUSBD stack.  What I might do actually is kludge the USB keyboard
driver to convert all the keycodes to ADB keycodes, instead of
continuing with the multi-keyboard patch.

I have updated the rsync repository so that the linux-pmac-stable
module has the 2.2.7 tree that used to be in the linux-pmac-devel
module, and the linux-pmac-devel module now has a 2.3.4 tree.


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