problem with 8500

Scott Venier scottven at
Tue Jan 19 18:18:17 EST 1999

I've got an 8500/120.  I've had linuxppc on it for a long time (2.0.25 is
the kernel that came with it).  I recently got another harddrive, so I
though I'd install pre-R5 on it.  Here's where I ran into the problems.  I
posted them on linuxppc-user, but didn't get any response.

The problem comes when mounting the newly created filesystems.  The mount
fails when done from the installer or with mount on tty2.  tty4 shows me
what the problem is...  My root partition is supposed to be sdb2
(major/minor 8,18).  The error message on tty4 is (sorry, I can't paste
the exact one) VFS: couldn't find ext2 fs on device 08:12.  I check the
device file and it is correctly set to 8,18.  I've created new device
files at 8,18.  Nothing seems to help.  It always tries 08:12.

This happens with 2.2.0pre2, 2.1.121, 2.1.131 (all booted from BootX)  I
tried to boot the 2.0.25 kernel that my old install uses, but BootX just
freezes on that kernel.  The old install still works fine.  It's on sdc.
The old install has the same problem with trying to mount the new drive.

sda is on the internal scsi chain, id 0 (mac os)
sdb is on the internal scsi chain, id 4
sdc is on the external scsi chain, id 1

This one has me quite stumpped.  I can't come up with any reason why it
tries a different minor number then the one on the device file.



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