15 partitions max prob revisited

Brad Boyer flar at cegt201.bradley.edu
Tue Jan 19 21:33:38 EST 1999

> So the question is: can I add more devices (e.g. sdb16, sdb17, ...), or 
> do I need to "reclaim" some HFS partitions if I want more ext2 ones? BTW, 
> it was the installer that choked on the extra partitions I had created, 
> so I would need to know how to fix that as well (if possible).
> I'm sure this is not a Powermac/Linux prob, per se, but perhaps others 
> have had this problem and found a neat fix for it (although HFS+ is not a 
> solution for me until the Mac HFS+ disk tools improve).

No, this is a Linux problem.  You cannot have more than 15 partitions
on a drive because there are not device numbers allocated for anything
higher than partition number 15.  So even if you create a partion 16,
there is no way to access it under Linux.  This is the way that the
device numbers were allocated.  As far as I know, there isn't a
reasonable way to change this either.  Sorry I have to be the bearer
of bad news, but that's the way things currently stand.

       Brad Boyer
       flar at cegt201.bradley.edu

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