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David Edelsohn dje at
Mon Feb 15 04:03:40 EST 1999

>>>>> Benjamin Herrenschmidt writes:

>> Are all of those "sync" instructions necessary in your code?

Benjamin> Just paranoid. They were added around the interrupt switching to make
Benjamin> sure to sync an eventual second processor and everything else before
Benjamin> switching the MMU off. I beleive that for disabling the MMU, andi. is
Benjamin> probably more efficient than my ori/andc pair, could you just explain my
Benjamin> why you added &0xffff at it ?

	"andi." only operates on halfword, so one needs to make sure that
the constant is valid or the assembler will complain.  (~ 0x8000) will
produce values in the upper half of the 32-bit word.  PowerPC immediate
instructions apply to either the upper-half or lower-half of a 32-bit

	For correctness, "sync" must be used, but for best performance,
"sync" should be used sparingly, only when necessary.

	Michael's comment about the -mrelocatable flag are a more detailed
answer to your question.


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