Adventures with KDE-1.1

Niels Roest N.P.Roest at ITS.TUDelft.NL
Fri Feb 12 23:16:50 EST 1999

On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, Fred Dushin wrote:

> In case anyone is interested...
> I downloaded the kde 1.1 tarballs and had a go building.
> But first I updated egcs as much as I could off of
> BTW, is this the place to look for bleeding edge stuff?  Doesn't
> look like it, by the dates.
> [root at blackcat /downloads]# rpm -qa | grep egcs
> egcs-as-gcc-1.1-0a
> egcs-c++-1.1-0a
> egcs-libstdc++-2.8.0-2b
> egcs-1.1-0a
> egcs-libstdc++-devel-2.8.0-2b
> [root at blackcat /downloads]# rpm -qa | grep glibc
> glibc-devel-0.961212-1l
> glibc-info-0.961212-1h
> glibc-static-0.961212-1l
> glibc-0.961212-1l
> qt-1.42 built without a hitch.

I downloaded kde 1.1 tarballs too. I seem to have newer
versions altogether, rpm -qa | grep egcs gives
and rpm -qa | grep glibc
cause I upgraded to pre-R5 (daring!!)
I think I got qt-1.42 there too.
My kernel (thus my linux & asm headers) is 2.2.1.

<snip some problems>
> Turned off HAS_ARGZ in config.h.
> Further down, I ran into a mess of problems, mostly around header
> Thanks,
> Fred

I had no problems whatsoever.
So Fred, it seems upgrade would solve it.


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