Adventures with KDE-1.1

Fred Dushin fadushin at
Fri Feb 12 11:48:31 EST 1999

In case anyone is interested...

I downloaded the kde 1.1 tarballs and had a go building.
But first I updated egcs as much as I could off of

BTW, is this the place to look for bleeding edge stuff?  Doesn't
look like it, by the dates.

[root at blackcat /downloads]# rpm -qa | grep egcs
[root at blackcat /downloads]# rpm -qa | grep glibc

qt-1.42 built without a hitch.

I started with kde-base, though, and ran into some problems.
The first problem was due to g++'s including string.h; apparently
the definition of strnlen involves an implicit cast to void *,
which ANSI C++ doesn't like (in an optimized version of strnlen).  
Got around that with a hack (what else?)
Turned off HAS_ARGZ in config.h.

Further down, I ran into a mess of problems, mostly around header
files in /opt/egcs/include/g++.  Haven't tracked them down,
but I figured I'd give the list a holler for suggestions
about compilers/libs, etc.

I'm on an ancient installation, going back to pre-DR2, I think,
though I have kept a lot up to date.  2.1.24 on a 7200/75.

Is our compiler out of date?  Or are KDE config scripts mangled?
Or should I get a new machine...?


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