OF and NetBooting

Jeremy Fitzhardinge jeremy at goop.org
Fri Feb 12 18:58:07 EST 1999

On 12-Feb-99 Tom Rini wrote:
> Hello,
>   After playing around a bit more with my iMac, I was wondering if anyone
> knew just what was going on here..  First, I've gotten the iMac to
> NFS-boot with BootX, and verified that bootp is setup right (ie it sets up
> the network, and I can tftp in the file from OF).  However, when I try and
> load a kernel from OF (either hd:vmlinux or enet:0,vmlinux) I get CLAIM
> failed.  Has anyone gotten past this?  I'm thinking it might be something
> we do really early on, as netbsd does boot (enet:0,netbsd.generic)

The build process generates bad ELF files which won't load.  The problem is
that the image and initrd segments have a load address of 0 and are not marked
as loadable.  The claim failed comes from OF trying to allocate memory at 0 for
those segments.  I experimented with trying to generate proper ELF files, but
was never fully successful on a G3 Mac.


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