R5 Install (Mostly) Successful on PBG3

root hughc at babcockbrown.com
Fri Feb 12 10:07:54 EST 1999

This was a new install, no R4 stuff involved.

It turns out that running rpm --rebuilddb fixed it.  I haven't had any problems
installing the stuff I missed after that.

Do the LinuxPPC guys want to hear about problems with the install and


Jeff Rugen wrote:

> On Thu, 11 Feb 1999, root wrote:
> > There were a few failures during intstall.  The main problem I have is
> > that RPM doesn't work; any attempt to use it returns an error
> > "//var/lib/rpm/nameindex.rpm: Invalid argument"
> The problem seems to be the R4 RPM database and the pre-R5 RPM database are
> incompatible with each other.  I manually removed all the /var/lib/rmp/*
> files (well, i copied them off) and reinstalled -- it created a new RPM
> database that works.  However, I was left with a ton of files from R4 rpms,
> that were no longer needed and I had to remove manually.
> I did write a script that would return 0 if the file passed in as a name was
> listed in the RPM database, and -1 otherwise, then used the script in a find
> command to list all the non-RPM files.  I ran it overnight -- ended up with
> thousands of files, and manually deleted large chunks of them.
> Be _very_ careful doing this.  Sometimes you'll get RPMs that don't indicate
> that a directory is part of the distribution, so you'll see directory names
> you think you can delete.  You don't want to do that. :-)
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