PowerBook G3 Series kbd patch

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at calva.net
Fri Feb 12 02:33:18 EST 1999

Here's a quick patch that remaps the "Fn" key of the Powerbook G3 Series
keyboard to an unused keycode (actually 0x7e). I'll post clean
vger-related patches later (when vger is back), this one is relative to
Paul's rsync tree. (Paul:You may want to include it now, I don't think it
breaks anything).
The original keycode of this key is 63, and conflicts with the buttons
emulation of Xpmac.

--- linux.orig/drivers/macintosh/mac_keyb.c	Tue Jan 26 00:18:30 1999
+++ linux.dev/drivers/macintosh/mac_keyb.c	Tue Feb  9 22:39:18 1999
@@ -322,6 +322,9 @@
 	/* on the powerbook 3400, the power key gives code 0x7e */
 	if (keycode == 0x7e)
 		keycode = 0x7f;
+	/* remap the "Fn" key of the PowerBook G3 Series to 0x7e */
+	if (keycode == 0x3f)
+		keycode = 0x7e;

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