GLIBC wont compile for MPC860

Brendan Simon brendan at
Mon Aug 30 11:12:26 EST 1999

I am using egcs-1.1.2 powerpc-linux cross-compiler to compile
glibc-2.1.1.  The whole thing compiles fine (gee, doesn't it take a

I tried compiling for the MPC860 with the following command "make
CFLAGS=-mcpu=860".  It got a little way but then died.  I think it is
trying to do something with floating point.

Is glibc known to compile for this processor ?
I'm pretty sure I need the -mcpu=860 option so that only mpc860 valid
instructions are generated.  Is this correct ?

I don't have the error message at hand but will post it if it will help.

What can I do to compile glibc for the MPC860 processor.

Brendan Simon.

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