lost Button2 in upgrade to 2.2.10

brad allison jackal at aol.net
Sun Aug 29 05:17:30 EST 1999

I booted back into 2.2.10 to give this another try.

I'm using kernel 2.2.10-rev2-mol.

I'm using the XKB Patched:

I'm using: 

I have a Logitech MouseMan Wheel USB.

I boot into 2.2.10, everything works except Mouse Button2 is no longer
recognized.  xev doesn't even get anything back from pressing Button2. 
It worked fine in 2.2.6.

I run /usr/sbin/mouseconfig.  It's set for Bus 1, 3 button emulation.

If I save the changes with mouseconfig it overwrites /etc/sysconfig/mouse
back to "BusMouse" instead of "IMPS/2".

Any ideas why Mouse Button2 would not work with 2.2.10 but works with


On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, brad allison wrote:

> I upgraded my G3 450 to 2.2.10 today.  I've been running 2.2.6.
> I pulled the keyboard-2.2.10 and mouse-2.2.10 files and linked them in
> /etc/sysconfig correctly.
> Booted into linux without a problem.
> But now Button2 no longer works.  I'm using a Logitech MouseMan Wheel USB 
> 3 button mouse.
> I ran xev to see what Button2 was mapped to.  Button1 shows up as Button1.
> Button3 shows up as Button3.  Button2 shows up as nothing.  xev registered
> nothing.
> Again, all three buttons worked correctly with 2.2.6.

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