BootX enhancement request

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Tue Aug 24 14:35:33 EST 1999

anthony tong <atong at> wrote:

> If you have a version of MacOS that saves the monitor mode in nvram,
> you shouldn't need to give any kernel arguments. Alternatively you
> can use the linuxpmac tool nvvideo to set this.

Yep.  There are two problems at the moment, which I should get off my
butt and fix. :-)

The first is that the current machines use a different structure for
nvram, based on the CHRP spec, which means that just using a fixed
offset in nvram doesn't work.  In fact it seems like macos adds a OF
property with a really strange encoding to store arbitrary bits of
information for the device drivers for arbitrary devices.

The second is that macos is now using mode numbers > 20.  I haven't
worked out the correspondence yet.


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