BootX enhancement request

Robert Shaw at
Tue Aug 24 06:29:11 EST 1999

> I think you missed my point.  Don't get me wrong, that's cool to know.
> But I was thinking more along the lines of a drop down menu to set the
> resolution from BootX rather than cryptic kernel arguements.

Ok, that's reasonable. Any thoughts Ben?

> It seems the 2.2.10 kernel will not sync to the video settings at all
> without the kernel arguements.

Strange, mine does. :|
Have you tried the latest 2.2.10 kernel I posted last night? Does it mess up also?

> Well i think putting Xautoconfig in the rc.local file is still a good
> idea.

Not if you make changes to the XF86Config file for the USB xkb stuff. Xautoconfig
will mess it all up and switch it back to PC settings. There is a warning in the
Kernel HOWTO about this when setting up the xkb settings.

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