USB 1.16 support?

Dan Burcaw dburcaw at
Tue Aug 24 13:42:11 EST 1999


The newer shipping B&Ws and iMacs do have USB 1.16. I've patched UUSBD to
make it work. See


On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Hollis R Blanchard wrote:

> I think the new (333 MHz) iMacs and new B&W G3's are being shipped with
> keyboards and/or mice that require USB 1.16, and current Linux support is at
> 1.10. Could someone confirm this is the case?
> I read a while ago about someone who disabled the version checking code in the
> USB stack and got a 1.16 device or two to work. Can anyone comment on that?
> Is that approach generally valid, at least until 1.16 support is there? And is
> 1.16 that much different from 1.10 to make it incompatible?
> -Hollis


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