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After examining the panic output, it turns out that it isn't the scheduler but a
result of the fact that we have the data cache off (to improve performance of
the emulator, which runs horribly slow when the dcache is on).  The fault
actually occurs in clear_page, which uses the dcbz instruction, which faults
when the data cache is off.  The dcache is on now and will stay on. :-)

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We're trying to port Linux 2.2.10 to a diskless PPC 603e-based platform and
we've gotten the kernel to boot; however, during the device setup code, an
alignment exception occurs in the scheduler.  At the time, the initrd code
(rd.c:rd_load_image () ) is running and copying out a disk image to a RAM disk
(block_dev.c:block_write).  During the write, it eventually calls the scheduler
and we've tracked it to the code below.

        while (p != &init_task) {
                if (can_schedule(p)) {
                        int weight = goodness(prev, p, this_cpu);
                        if (weight > c)
                                c = weight, next = p;
                p = p->next_run; // next_run is NULL

Putting in some test code before going to the next list element, p is PID 0
(swapper?  which I assume is init_task ?).  All it's next/prev pointers are

Any ideas on what the problem is and/or suggestions on how to tackle this?


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