BootX enhancement request

Jerry Quinn jquinn at
Tue Aug 24 06:56:35 EST 1999

>> "Tom" == Tom Rini <trini at> writes:

 Tom> So you want BootX to be able to do what Monitors & Sound can do.  Either
 Tom> pick a mode there and use BootX from MacOS, or once 2.4.0 rolls around,
 Tom> specify video=aty128fb:1024x768 at 75 (or so).  There is no need for BootX
 Tom> to do this.

Probably more to the point, we should strive to provide some easy way of doing
it.  How do MacOS and Windows deal with the problem of different monitors and
resolutions?  I know on the Mac so far, I automatically get the available
resolutions, although Apple-style monitors have extra sense pins to provide
the info.

Ideally, I shouldn't have to ever think about my monitor or have to add
command line args to the kernel.  Such twiddling should be as rare as

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