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Sat Aug 7 07:20:49 EST 1999

[ Matt Porter writes: ]
> On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> > 3) Is Motorola going to extend it's Linux support to the embedded
> > controllers (MPC8xx, MPX82xx) ?
> I'm not speaking for Motorola Computer Group, but the idea is to
> support all current systems under Linux. For MPC8xx and MPC82xx
> processors, this means the MBX (8xx) and the announced MVME2100
> (82xx).
> Keep in mind that the various evaluation boards for 8xx and 82xx are
> produced by Motorola Semiconductor Processor Sector and any support
> for those products would have to come from them. I can tell you I
> have zero contact with them and don't even know if they can pronounce
> Linux. :)

Nor do I speak for SPS, but I asked around and here was the answer
I got. This person asked to remain anonymous, so obviously he's not
speaking for SPS either, but this is the current party line:

> Linux has been ported to the PowerPC (8xx) architecture by various
> third parties. Motorola Netcomm has no plans to actively port Linux to
> 8xx.

Netcomm is the group that manufactures, markets, distributes, and
supports 8xx and 82xx embedded processors. Obviously, a lot of lobbying
needs to be done to help them "get it", but software in a semiconductor
manufacturer is like an ethics committee at a political convention, they
know they've got to have it, but don't understand what it's good for. :-)

 Dave Wolfe

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