Working SMP Kernel Source for PMac

Sriranga Veeraraghavan ranga at CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Aug 8 06:33:03 EST 1999


I am trying to build an SMP kernel for my system. I am running
LinuxPPC R4 on a PMac 7600 with a nPower 400 (2 604e 200's). I would
like to know where to get a complete kernel source tar-ball that
supports SMP on PMac's.

So far I have tried the stock 2.2.6 and 2.2.7 sources from
and the 2.2.10-pmac sources from I have not been
able to build a bootable SMP kernel from any of these source
tarballs. The kernels built from these images crashes during boot in

The process I am using for building the kernel is:

# cd /usr/src/linux 
# make mrproper ; make pmac_config ; make menuconfig ; 
# make dep && make clean && make vmlinux

If there is something additional that I need to do please let me know.

I am curretly using a SMP 2.2.7 kernel from, but it
appears that only has compiled kernel images, not source
tar-balls. If anyone has the sources for this kernel, I would
appreciate a pointer.

The only SMP kernel I have been able to built and boot sucessfully was
2.2.0-pre6. I don't want to go back to this version since the DEC
2x14x ethernet support was flaky.


----ranga <ranga at>

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