[Patch] linuxppc gnuplot segfaults in save

Franz Sirl Franz.Sirl at munich.netsurf.de
Fri Apr 16 00:07:48 EST 1999

At 14:28 15.04.99 , Gabriel Paubert wrote:

>On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Franz Sirl wrote:
>> The problem could be egcs, there's a known varargs bug on PPC, which
>> happens as soon you have more than 8-10 args. There's a testcase for this
>> in the egcs testsuite, gcc.c-torture/execute/980608-1.c, which still fails
>> in the development sources. I hope this will be resolved for egcs-1.2 if
>> the rewrite of the function epilogue/prologue to use RTL makes it in time...
>Is it related to alignment ? I've already been bitten by the fact that
>some alignment constraint has changed between versions of egcs: now
>doubles and long long are aligned on a 4 byte boundary when they are
>passed in the memory area, earlier versions enforced 8 byte alignment in
>these cases AFAIR.
>That's the kind of changes I positively hate :-(

Hmm, there was a change long ago I think. AFAIR it was due to ABI issues, 
but this has probably nothing to do with the bug in question here, which is 
a clear compiler bug. While setting up the function prologue it uses a 
variable which is not yet setup at this time. The net effect is that the 
prologue uses different offsets from the SP than the rest of the function :-(.

BTW, Gabriel, the latest gas snapshots (990413/14) contain a PPC related 
patch from you. Do you consider your patch a bugfix or an extension? I 
currently use the 990403 snapshot for R5 and don't wanna upgrade again 
before R5 release, unless it's a bugfix.


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