quik vs. bootx

AArthur arthur99 at global2000.net
Wed Apr 14 06:25:30 EST 1999

> None of my systems have MacOS on them...I'm using quik.  I have no desire
> to reinstall MacOS just so I can boot linux.  Will quik work with the 2.2
> kernel, or will I be screwed here?  I'm currently using 2.1.24 on all my
> systems.

Of course all newish (not the earliest ones though, at least the current
quik) Monolithic PowerPC Kernels support Quik. Quik will continue to be a
important option in both LinuxPPC, and will continued to be compatible with
all kernels in the future. (How else do you boot a non-macintosh PowerPC
system into Linux?)

Quik is here to stay, you can rest assured. Many people still use it often,
especially in the case of LinuxPPC-only boxes or machines without MacOS.

This has been discussed before, and just in case your wondering, both
LinuxPPC R5 and the next version of Yellowed Dog Linux will support it,
according to Haaz of LinuxPPC, Inc and the future support of Yellow Dog
according to that webpage. Yellow Dog Linux Server version 2.0 plans to
offer a enhanced setup wizard of open firmware, so as you can see quik is
here to stay.


arthur99 at global2000.net

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