embedded linux

Raphael Massin massin at col.bsf.alcatel.fr
Fri Apr 9 20:35:37 EST 1999

> hi there!
> it seems like you've come a long way using embedded linux.
> i've got the same problem with libc as you have.
> but no answer, sorry.
> i'm stuck with my kernel.
> could you please tell me what kind of board you are using?
> you probably run it on homebuilt hardware, and that brings me
> to my real question:
> do you run linux from ata-disk or via nfs and linux works?

My turn to be sorry:-), i run linux without hard drive nor nfs.

> i've got a mbx-board that runs linux without any problems.
> the other motorola boards (fads, ads), they all hang using
> nfs-root or using ata-flash.
> i've written the boot-code myself.
> have you written the boot-code for the 860 yourself

Yes, in fact on my board, the zvmlinux is loaded via a backpannel
and uses a RAM file system as root file system (the ram file system code
has been modified to get its image from a section in the vmlinux image)

> and do you have any experience you would like to share with me?

I can do nothing for your ata-disk or nfs, but i would be pleased to help

> i think my problem is that i don't get any page-faults when loading binaries.


> thanks /
> magnus


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