Resurrecting mkLinux

Ben Martz benmartz at
Fri Apr 9 08:56:07 EST 1999

>On 06-Apr-99 Roy Wood wrote:
>> I've got a little time and an old 6100, so I'm giving some thought to
>> raiding the mkLinux sources and getting a monolithic version of the
>> kernel going (i.e. getting rid of the whole Mach layer).
>> Anyway, I was hoping some of you people here might be able to offer
>> advice or have some useful comments about what I'm considering doing.
>> Anybody?  Anyone?
>Your biggest problems will be:
>  * Booting - perhaps BootX can be made to help here
>  * Lack of Open Firmware - used to "size up" the hardware
>  * 601 support - biggest worries are actually the in the hardest
>    to debug - boot time and machine initialization.
>Other than that, it should work.  Of course, I'm not saying it is
>easy or else I would have done it myself long ago...


I have some very old booting code from the defunct PowerOS project that
works just fine on x100 machines. (It was the second public use of the Gary
mode hack that I am aware of, after MkLinux) I also have some more recent
work based on BootX that you may find useful.

Oh, in case anyone is wondering, you won't find any of the kernel code up
there because I am still working on it =) It's just a little project that I
am doing for my own enjoyment to stretch my mind a little.

Ben Martz - benmartz at

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