quik vs. bootx

Zach Metzinger wizkid at ksu.edu
Fri Apr 9 16:43:49 EST 1999

No, that's not an invitation to start a flame war. :)

I'm wondering if anyone has continued to develop the quik bootloader
for pmac. I really enjoy not having to have macos boot before getting
to linux, and it fixes a few minor serial port problems as well.
However, it seems to still have some annoying limitations like
loadable kernel size and no support for gzipped kernels. Occasionally,
it fails to boot linux on my G3/266 (bought in march of 98, so I didn't
get the spiffy see-thru case).

I would offer to help fix some of these bugs, but information 
is lacking and I don't want to duplicate someone elses effort.

So if anyone was thinking "We should just ditch Quik, cause nobody
uses it", this was for them. :)

--- Zach

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