Vger 2.2.5 kernel not working without IDE

Alois Fertl alois_fertl at
Fri Apr 9 06:24:14 EST 1999

playing with recent vger 2.2.5 kernels from CVS on samba I found out
that kernels built without IDE support (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE not set)
will no longer boot on prep_hardware.
The reason is asm-ppc/ide.h which redefines the inb and outb macros
to use the ISA-I/O base from ppc_ide_md.io_base. The whole ppc_ide_md
structure is only initialized if IDE support is configured.
For the kernel this means that after including asm-ppc/ide.h all
following inb/outb operations access wrong locations which results in
the kernel not booting at all.

Question is if these undefs and redefs for inb/outb inb_p/outb_p in
ide.h are really required or if they can go away.

I dropped this lines and than tested recompiled IDE and non-IDE kernels
which both woirked fine for me.


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