[ANNC] New release of PlanB

Guillaume Laures GoM at Taygeta.gom.dorm.org.cybercable.fr
Mon Apr 5 09:37:53 EST 1999

On  5 Avr, Michel Lanners wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just uploaded a new version of the PlanB driver to my site:
Patches begin to be hard to follow :-) (but it's better like that)

>From the previous release, I have to say that switching to console when
xawtv (2.40 --fb) is runnig is really uglier than before. Didn't try
0.06 yet to see if it has changed.

Anyway I must report that I had several crashes recently (actually 3 in
a week, which is definitely much for linux) since I upgraded to 2.2.5,
with the planb as well. I have only controlfb in the kernel on a
8600/250 and use the XFB, and i get hard locks when switching quickly
beetwen X and console.
Don't know to what it could be related to. Can other people comment on
this ?

Guillaume Laurès laures at esiea.fr

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