matroxfb, anybody?

Owen Waller O.Waller at
Tue Dec 15 23:00:50 EST 1998

On Sun, 13 Dec 1998, Michel Lanners wrote:

> Anybody successfull in running matroxfb with recent vger kernels?

I've got it running on version 2.1.127 - I haven't tried on anything more
recent. What kernel version are you running.

> I've tried using it alongside controlfb as a second framebuffer, but it
> doesn't initialize. Compiled-in, it only goes through the very first
> debugging message, and then nothing more;  while as a module insmod
> aborts (slightly older matroxfb.c (1.6c)) or hangs the system (most
> recent matroxfb.c (1.8)).

Pass, have you asked Petr (Petr Vandrovec <VANDROVE at>) about
this. I've been testing Petr's driver on a Mystique and haven't seen
anything like this.

> I've also tried to compile-in matroxfb without controlfb, but that
> failed because offb.c wasn't in (undefined ref to console_getmode et

Generally I've compiled in matroxfb, controlfb and offb into the kernel
which compile and run without any problems. I haven't tried leaving
controlfb out.


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