Yaboot on HFS+?

Jim Harris jimrh at charter.net
Fri Feb 3 14:40:37 EST 2012

In the source code for ybin, I found the following comment:



    ## some misguided people insist on installing OSX on

    ## HorribleFileSystem+ instead of UFS, as a result MacOS deblesses

    ## OSX, making it unbootable. . . . .



I’m confused.  Everything I have read about installing OSX (Tiger) talks about installing it in a HPFS+ file system.  When I did the original setup for the clean install, Disk Utility did not give me a UFS option.  The only thing CLOSE was the ‘UNIX’ option.  And that was described as a ‘don’t go there’ kind of thing.  My installation(s) of Tiger in a HPFS+ partition work wonderfully and (apparently) do not de-bless anything.


Others talk about an ‘AFS’.  I wonder where all these file systems are coming from?


Jim (JR)

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