booting RHEL6

Tony Breeds tony at
Thu Aug 18 10:28:09 EST 2011

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 03:29:55AM -0700, Radu Molnar wrote:
> I haven't got to test this yet but i did notice that the yaboot that RedHat
> ships is patched to increase LOAD_BUFFER_SIZE to 0x02000000, so i guess they
> hit the same problem, with their ramdisk beeing too large.

Yes they have.

> So basically instead of requesting the file "yaboot" from the server, my
> machine requests "M-:^DM- at M-(M-MM-bM-;^B^_QM-^?". The firmware was updated to
> the latest version but still no change.

okay clearly that'sd bad.  If you can run a yaboot with debug enabled we'll
quickly be able to see if this is a yaboot problem or somethign else.
> Anyway, just in case you've seen this before.


Yours Tony

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