Bug#580455: (with patch) Who's minding the store at yaboot?

Rick Thomas rbthomas at pobox.com
Tue May 25 13:59:30 EST 2010

The package page for Yaboot at http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/ 
yaboot lists Aurélien GÉRÔME and Sven Luther as the maintainers.

Sven has been unable to participate for some years now, and the last  
time I saw Aurélien's name on a from line was almost a year ago, and  
nothing for a couple of years before that.

Bug#580455 will soon make Squeeze un-installable on PowerMac hardware  
due to the need to switch to UUID's for identifying the boot and root  
partitions in response to udev having rendered the conventional device  
names non-deterministic.

I've provided a patch (to ybin) that fixes the problem, but there  
doesn't seem to be anybody interested in testing it on non-PowerMac  
hardware, or geting it into the released code.

I'm not a DD or a DM (and don't want to be one -- I haven't the time  
or expertise) so there's a need for somebody to take over...


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