netboot yaboot with yaboot.conf inside an initrd.

Greg Rodgers rodgersg at
Thu Feb 4 23:03:28 EST 2010

First,  "G'DAY OZLABS!" from the founder of IBM Ozlabs. I miss you guys.
Maybe you can help me out. 

I want to netboot yaboot with the yaboot.conf , real linux kernel and real
initrd inside an outer initrd. 
The systems I want to boot are completely diskless.   
Here is how I build the outer initrd and the bootable zimage          

cd /boot ; find . | cpio -H newc -ov | gzip -9 > /tmp/yinitrd.gz
/usr/bin/mkzimage /root/yaboot-1.3.14/second/yaboot no no /tmp/yinitrd.gz
/usr/share/ppc64-utils/zImage.stub netyaboot

I am using the rhel5 version of mkzimage. 
Here is my yaboot.conf 

[root at blade01 etc]# cat /boot/yaboot.conf

init-message=Welcome to netboot yaboot !\nHit <TAB> for boot options



I then network booted the file netyaboot and this is the problem I get. 

zImage starting: loaded at 0x00300000 (sp: 0x02e1ffe0)
Allocating 0x22e6c bytes for kernel ...
trying: 0x00700000
OF version = 'IBM,MB246_060_009'
Allocating 0x33ae75 bytes for initrd ...
trying: 0x00723000
initial ramdisk moving 0x723000 <- 0x321402 (0x33ae75 bytes)
initrd head: 0x1f8b0800
gunzipping (0x700000 <- 0x30ad80:0x321402)...done 0x22e6c bytes
... skipping 0x10000 bytes of ELF header
entry addr = 0x710000
a1 = 0x723000,
a2 = 0x33ae75,
prom = 0x2039a68,
bi_recs = 0x0,
Error: Linux kernel returned to zImage bootloader!
EXIT called ok

 Any help?  Thanks. 

Greg  Rodgers 
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