Can yaboot delay for kernel choice?

Nico Macrionitis acrux_it at
Mon May 25 18:49:37 EST 2009

On Sun, 24 May 2009 17:39:39 -0700
Mark Knecht <markknecht at> wrote:

> > You can try IRC freenode #mklinux (for historical resaons) and
> > #ppc64 [or even #yaboot].  Also you can try the linuxppc-dev
> > #mailing list at:
> >
> > The discussions there are generally focused on technical issues
> > regarding the design and development of the kernel but they may be
> > of help.
> >
> > Yours Tony
> >
> Thanks. It's a simple question with probably a simple answer. I'll
> subscribe and send it to the linuxppc-dev list soon.

Linuxppc-dev ml is actually used ONLY by kernel developers then avoid
it.  I suggest to use your own distro specific support: forum and
mailing lists. 
There is a new general forum for linux powerpc users (a lot of mac
owners) here: 

hope this helps, good luck.
GNU/Linux on Power Architecture

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