Introducing new maintainer

Paul Nasrat pnasrat at
Sun May 24 18:25:47 EST 2009

I've not been able to invest as much time in yaboot as I should and
1.3.15 has been stalled for some time.

I'm handing over maintenance of 1.3.15 to Tony Breeds who has been
doing a great job in supporting yaboot on Fedora:

Tony Breeds found Linux in 1994 and quickly lost interest in other computing
platforms.  He has been active in the Australian Linux community and was a key
member of the organising committee for several conferences in
Australia and New Zealand.  He contributes to the broader Linux community where
it overlaps with his Linux use, including (in the past) samba, xen and most
recently the kernel.  Tony is responsible (for better or worse) for "tickless
idle" support on powerpc.  He recently swicthed back to an RPM based distro
when he became a Fedora contributor focusing on, but not limited to, "Making
power better in Fedora".  He lives in Canberra Australia and works for IBM and
is on powerpc IRC channels during most of the (Australian) day.

The plan is for a 1.3.15 release shortly then more work to occur on
the netboot side of things.


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