Dual Boot on a PS3

John Frankish frankish at dubai.oilfield.slb.com
Tue Nov 18 16:23:04 EST 2008

At 09:29 17-11-08, Paul Nasrat wrote:
> > YDL uses kboot. Dual boot isn't possible but I've heard of some 
> people using
> > qemu to "run" Windows.
>Umm it's a boot loader, you have to do some hacks to get
>/etc/kboot.conf sync'd (maybe shared /boot and I imagine but you
>should be able to.
> > Thanks for the reply - Do you mean dual boot isn't possible from the same
> > partition or dual boot isn't possible at all? (It would have 
> kinda been nice
> > to know that prior to compiling a multi-lib clfs build :-) )
> From the petitboot site:
>When petitboot starts, it will try to find existing Linux
>installations, by looking for /etc/kboot.conf, /etc/yaboot.conf or
>/boot/petitboot.conf files on any storage device connected to the
>system. Each discovered device will appear on the left-hand pane of
>the screen, and bootable options appear on the right.
>The distro instructions in the distro kit plus the bootloader docs 
>should help:
Thanks for the replies, but I'm still pretty lost in all this:

1. Can any of the ps3 bootloaders boot from a non root location - 
i.e. "/clfs" rather than "/"?
2. I'm still searching, but is there a live CD/DVD that can boot on a 
ps3 and allow gparted or similar to non-destructively re-size and add 
partitions.? (I'm assuming that if I move the contents of /clfs to 
the root of a new partition, I'll have a better chance of 
succeeding.) So far, all the installation CD/DVD for ps3 I've found 
want to erase everything and start again...
3. The fact that ydl-6 uses kboot but looks in yaboot.conf for what 
to boot is just plain confusing


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