Does Yaboot support usb key boot on Power PC?

Przemyslaw Iskra sparky at
Thu Mar 27 13:43:15 EST 2008

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 10:01:18AM +0800, Bo Xie wrote:
> We use mkisofs utility and Yaboot, and we can boot it using CD-ROM.
> My question is: Does Yaboot support usb key boot on Power PC? If so,
> how to? If not, is there any other solutions (e.g., not yaboot) to
> solve it?

Actually, it does not have much to do with yaboot. Everything depends
whether OpenFirmware supports usb storage devices, or not. And what
kind of partition table and file system it supports.

Using FAT as file system and DOS partition table should work on most
computers (PowerMacs included) but you need recent yaboot version to be
able to find files on FAT partition.

You may also create both DOS and Mac partition table, but don't do
that, you could poke your eyes out.

In any case, booting from usb isn't as easy as booting from cdrom on
PowerMacs. You have to manually find which device is it and type boot
command correctly.

There's some short howto from my project:

Also, if you're using chrp script remember to use `&device;' instead of

Good luck ! You'll need it.

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