Trouble with booting Debian Etch

James Dessart skwirl42 at
Fri Sep 14 04:23:04 EST 2007

Hi, I just installed debian etch from the distribution CD, and I'm
having a heck of a time booting on my Gigabit-ethernet G4. It manages
to load the kernel fine, but when the kernel tries to mount the root
filesystem (the same filesystem as the kernel's on), it complains that
the root boot variable is wrong.

My yaboot.conf has the following lines:


along with info for booting Mac OS X, as well as CD booting. I haven't
changed anything in the files etch installed, except the partition
number and root device, because I had originally installed it on
another device (a USB drive), and thought that the USB drive was the
problem. Now that it's happening with the internal hard drive, I'm
beginning to think the USB drive isn't the problem.

When I ran ybin from the rescue option of the install CD, ofpath
complained that my kernel was too old. However, the ofpath it seems to
have set gets the bootloader loaded, and otherwise everything seems

Can someone help me out with this? Thanks!

James Dessart

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