problems booting Dual 2.0GHz G5 PowerMac after moving from FC4 to FC5

Brian D. Carlstrom bdc at
Thu Apr 6 08:36:58 EST 2006

Paul Nasrat writes:
 > > Basically after the stage 1 boot selection, either linux or macosx,
 > > I get a grey screen. I can boot linux via openfirmware and macosx from
 > > the macos install cd.
 > Can you add the steps you do in OF to boot linux/ OS X here.

For linux I used "boot hd:2,yaboot" as described in the yaboot HOWTO.
For Mac OS X I booted off the Mac OS X install CD and ran the startup
disk utility to pick the Mac OS X partition to boot.

 > > based on a previous problem reports to the list, I also include ofpath
 > > output as well as a tarball of /proc/device-tree and /proc/ide here in
 > > case it is useful:
 > >
 > Can you also put yaboot.conf up there

sorry it was there but its default permissions kept it from being shown.
I fixed this and its now at:

unfortunately, my nightly yum update caused a new kernel to be loaded
and the file currently there has a new kernel added so its not exactly
the same. however the basic information such as partition=4 and
macosx=/dev/sda3 looks the same. I'm not at the machine right now to
actually try and reboot again, at least not if I want to be sure the
machine stays up. :)

 > I don't think we have major changes for the ofboot code - you could grab
 > the ofpath script from 1.3.14rc1 tarball and try running sh
 > ofpath /dev/sda3 and see what you get.

 > Thanks for the huge amount of info, I'll look at - can you also supply
 > cat /proc/modules and a copy of sysfs (you may need to cp/rsync it to
 > tmp before tarring it up - in
 > particular /sys/bus /sys/block /sys/devices

The /proc/modules info is here
The /sys info is here, but there were many errors in doing the rsync copy:

Thanks for taking a look,

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